The (de)Bourgeoin(ed) Manila

  Intramuros! The old Manila. The original Manila. The Noble and Ever Loyal City… – Nick Joaquin Oh Manila! Not everyone may know the country Philippines, let alone its location in the globe, but I bet everyone knows Manila. Either you’ve already visited Manila, grew loving and hating it, or have planned to visit it,…

Density Is Such A Not-So-Lonely Word

  Population, when unchecked, increases in a geometrical ratio. – Thomas Malthus Most of us always have that love-hate relationship with Metro Manila. Inasmuch as we hate the perennial traffic, flooding, and congestion, if you happen to live in the Metro, chances are, you’ll miss them all. Metro Manila is becoming denser as years progress….

The Foods They Were: Week 1, Month 3

Weekdays give me money but weekends burn them. In spite of t hat, weekends are better loved because they give us good food with good friends. The set of food I had for the whole week, whether weekdays or weekends. Bagnet: The Aftermath After a week of #IDILY fever, I still can’t get over bagnet….

Hottest Spot for Valentine’s Day

And, just like that, Valentine’s Day finally happened. This is the only day where you’ll see flowers blooming in the city in broad daylight afternoon. Come sunset, expect to literally bump people (and cars) everywhere. Likewise, this is the perfect excuse to splurge on sweet nothings – Holland tulips, fancy cards, posh-packaged chocolates, fully-booked restaurants,…