The Foods They Were: Week 1, Month 3

Weekdays give me money but weekends burn them. In spite of t hat, weekends are better loved because they give us good food with good friends. The set of food I had for the whole week, whether weekdays or weekends.

Bagnet: The Aftermath

Bagnet Special 150.00, Goto Monster, Makati City | ISO 2000 ; 1/40 ; f5

After a week of #IDILY fever, I still can’t get over bagnet. I love bagnet (and so are longanisa Iloko, empanada, and pukipuki) but I loved them more after #IDILY. I can dance while singing Bagnet! Bagnet! Bagnet! Bagnet!

Hallyu in the City

Bibimbap 130.00, Kim ‘N Chi , Ayala Tower One, Makati City | ISO 500 ; 1/24 ; f4

It’s a bibimbap in the CBD. It may not be as authentic as your usual Korean bibimbap but at least they tried. I love their spicy sauce though.

A Touch of Italian Taste

Linguine Amatriciana 605.00, Amici, Ayala Triangle, Makati City | ISO 250 ; 1/30 ; f4

You can never go wrong with Italian cuisine. Pizza, pasta, and gelato will save your day.

Escape at the Food Park

Pik-A-Boo 165.00, Surfries, Gastro Park Kapitolyo, Pasig City | ISO 640 ; 1/17 ; f4

Artisanal and third wave restaurants are now a scene in the metro. In Pasig, this is another find. This melted cheddar covers ground beef with fries diced tomatoes.

Nothing But Sweet Nothing

Left: S’mores Shake 120.00, Right: Molten Lava Cake Shake 130.00, Sweet Nothing, Gastro Park Kapitolyo, Pasig City | ISO 500 ; 1/24 ; f4

Not too sweet but taste is too shallow as well. Taste is good enough for its price.

My favorite shot of the week:

That Eureka Moment

ISO 250 ; 1/30 ; f4

Discover Maginhawa Further. Meet Urban Chick.

Maginhawa Street is the hipsters’ and creatives’ hotspot in the Metro. It is actually among the predecessors of small enterprise artisanal gastro districts in the country. It grew out to be a response to free-flowing creative, free, and liberal community of UP Diliman, Ateneo de Manila, Miriam College, Claret School, and Holy Family. Virtually starting from residentail small businesses, they grew rapidly sprouting and continuously growing boasting their own unique pegs that they can offer to customers. Definitely, Maginhawa is gradually becoming a brand in diversity and food creativity.

In a Maginhawa-Magiting-Malingap triangle full of busy people and tired wallet, this resto will surely rest your pockets while filling your tummy and appetite. Nestled along Maginhawa Street, past Papa Didi’s and beside Pad Thai’s, Urban Chick is a cool resto serving familiar menu bearing special taste and twist. This, along with Snack Shack, are my bookmarked restos in UP-Maginhawa food ecosystem.

It’s also quite impressive that they’re serving gastropub-ish and artisanal menu with comfortable ambience without shedding your wallet and pocket.

So here it is: the URBAN CHICK

Urban Chick’s facade invites customers with its sleek and dark colors. Something very common in Maginhawa.

Best-seller: Alphan Meal
Best feature: Resto taste and feels but student price
Dishes: Filipino and Western
Variety: pasta, rice, bread, grilled meat, fried with dressing, set and barkada meals

Their tables, I think, can accommodate up to 2 large barkadas, 4 small barkadas, and 2 more magjowa


Their menu slides from typical Pinoy dishes such as tapsilog, longsilog, liempo, grilled chicken, to Western dishes such as pasta, soups, and sandwiches. They are your comfort foods added with twists because their Chicken Wings are smothered in creamy garlic sauce, their salads are either potato, tossed, fresh, or Caesar.

Enjoy their Chicken Bbq by ordering their meal or in their best-selling Alphan Meal. I haven’t tasted their Alphan meal though, on my next visit na lang.

What will take you by surprise is they all cost on an average amont of P80 only. It’s a steal! The restos menu has also adopted the kuripot-barkada-but-puro-matatakaw meal with their set meals. They are also affordable and sooo many. Yeah, soooo many.

So if you decide to crawl in Maginhawa for food hopping, you may reserve your budget at around P200 for Urban Chick and you’d still crawl to gluttony leaving the resto.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Delicious food, chill ambience, perfect location (away from the bustling Maginhawa-Malingap-Magiting triangle), very affordable, nice facade, service is prompt, they have large TV, this can be a good venue for UAAP games or any sports finals games.

Wish list: more desserts, more drink choices (I want milkshake haha)

Fearless forecast: this resto can go long far, their name and brand is catchy, color and logo is adaptable to common eyesight. maintain their menu and dishes, they can modify some but generally they’re good. I don’t mind increasing their price every year, I can still get my money’s worth. But hey don’t increase yet. 🙂 The resto can create culture by introducing a one special unique taste grandslam dish, something like UC’s Best, or Tita Mama’s Crazy Meal (where did I get those names??!) coupled with tea drink while watching a Finals Game (UP Men’s, you’re the key!) ah that’s classic. I can die reminscing those with my friends. Very local TGIF.

Your Legit Comfort and Recovery Food. Goto Monster.

I always think that food is a gift to mankind. Aside from water, air, fire and life forms (Encantadia? Lol) seen as basic needs to survival of man, food is the basic need to growth of man. As a matter of fact, I have religiuosly followed that concept thus made me continuously grow as what I am today. Nonetheless, I visit food shops and gastro places in my best capacity – time, mood, weather, and company. I think I’m gonna be posting all my food stories here in my blog every now and then for us to understand the geography of food in the metro.
First stop



Best-seller : Goto Special
Best feature: accessible and 24/7

Bet tagline: Familiar Taste, Unique Menu

Seated along the humble street of Primo de Rivera and a few steps to Pablo Ocampo Sr. St. which makes it semi-frontage to highway. Okay enough of the wordings. Here’s the map.

vicinity map of Makati
It’s around 30 minutes from EDSA on a normal day and 15 minutes when you visit there on a Sunday dusk. It gives you a neighborhood tapsilogan type with a twist in their menu.
True to their word that “tastes are familiar but menus are unique”.


Their menu is based on Filipino dishes with goto as the star of them all. You want a legit tapsilog, or bangsilog, or longsilog or even pusitsilog? In the hustle and bustle concrete jungle of Makati, they have it.


Their goto has familiar ingredients but never-heard mixes, such as – goto with itlog na maalat or goto with bagnet. You are vegan? No problem, their fresh spring rolls got you covered.  It’s a unique spring roll partnered with three sauces – peanut sauce, pesto oil, and chili. You want a spring roll with meat? Put a bagnet inside it. They also have it.


After munching their menu, you must be obliged to take their (again) unique menu but familiar tastes. Their bibingka waffles, banana chocnut and champorado special are your Episode 10’s in an epic Episode 9 of your meal. Best finale.


This place is perfect when you feel like eating good food – I mean a well-thought, resto-ish, artisanal food in a less stiff environment. This is a perfect departure from the corporate setting of Makati in terms of price and ambience yet maintaining the preparation, taste, and presentation as if you are in the posh Central Business District gastroplace.


As for the price, their star – goto special will cost at 95 pesos only. Silog meals start at 120 pesos. Desserts start at 50 pesos. See?! It’s a steal. Whether you crave for a Pinoy food in the middle of sleeping CBD, like around 3AM, or you need a recovery food from a walwalan night out, or just simply want a walk foodtrip somewhere in Makati, Goto Monster is there to accept you.