The Foods They Were: Week 1, Month 3

Weekdays give me money but weekends burn them. In spite of t hat, weekends are better loved because they give us good food with good friends. The set of food I had for the whole week, whether weekdays or weekends.

Bagnet: The Aftermath

Bagnet Special 150.00, Goto Monster, Makati City | ISO 2000 ; 1/40 ; f5

After a week of #IDILY fever, I still can’t get over bagnet. I love bagnet (and so are longanisa Iloko, empanada, and pukipuki) but I loved them more after #IDILY. I can dance while singing Bagnet! Bagnet! Bagnet! Bagnet!

Hallyu in the City

Bibimbap 130.00, Kim ‘N Chi , Ayala Tower One, Makati City | ISO 500 ; 1/24 ; f4

It’s a bibimbap in the CBD. It may not be as authentic as your usual Korean bibimbap but at least they tried. I love their spicy sauce though.

A Touch of Italian Taste

Linguine Amatriciana 605.00, Amici, Ayala Triangle, Makati City | ISO 250 ; 1/30 ; f4

You can never go wrong with Italian cuisine. Pizza, pasta, and gelato will save your day.

Escape at the Food Park

Pik-A-Boo 165.00, Surfries, Gastro Park Kapitolyo, Pasig City | ISO 640 ; 1/17 ; f4

Artisanal and third wave restaurants are now a scene in the metro. In Pasig, this is another find. This melted cheddar covers ground beef with fries diced tomatoes.

Nothing But Sweet Nothing

Left: S’mores Shake 120.00, Right: Molten Lava Cake Shake 130.00, Sweet Nothing, Gastro Park Kapitolyo, Pasig City | ISO 500 ; 1/24 ; f4

Not too sweet but taste is too shallow as well. Taste is good enough for its price.

My favorite shot of the week:

That Eureka Moment

ISO 250 ; 1/30 ; f4

Author: Gnoe

I live in a place where the sun never sets.

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